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What Can Loan Choices™ Do For Me?

Answer: Loan Choices™ automatically runs multiple automated underwriting systems (AUS) and instantly sorts the best loan product to the top - displaying available loan products in seconds.

DirectWare®Loan Choices™ With Predictive Analytics provides instant rate locks, AUS feedback, and loan processing services. Submit a complete loan application and Loan Choices will free up your time to originate more business and increase your revenue!

Loan Choices™ makes you more money!

Register Now for Loan Choices™ training.Training dates can be seen on our calendar.

With Direct Mortgage's Loan Choices, finding the right loan and collecting closing conditions can be the easiest steps in your origination business! This proprietary, patent-published technology utilizes predictive analytics and combines multiple automated underwriting systems (AUS) in order to present you the best loan programs which fit your borrower's scenario with minimal user clicks.  

Direct Mortgage also provides an option to process the loan on your behalf.

Why use Loan Choices™?

  1. Never manually input DU or LP information again! And still Compare Multiple DU, LP and DMC Products: My Community Loan, FHA, VA, Super conforming, High Balance FHA, Refi Plus and Regular Conforming loans . . . All In a Single Click!!!
  2. Predictive analytics requires no clicks. It displays and prices loan options and loan combinations you might not have thought of. It even displays the YSP and PITI.
  3. Runs DU, LP, and DMC AUS systems automatically.
  4. No more blindness. After the automated AUS submissions, your multiple Accepts display in Loan Choices™ with the best loans sorted to the top. And if thye don't qualify, multiple loan products still display with a refer. You know exactly why they didn’t qualify by clicking the refer link.
  5. Your job: take the loan application. Our job: run multiple AUS systems for you – then present fully priced loan choices you were considering and also present loan options and loan combinations you may not have thought of – all ready for instant rate locks.
  6. Minimum clicks - Maximum possibilities. It's simple to learn the few clicks required. And fast to display the loan choices - a list of loan products can normally be displayed within 60 seconds!
  7. What you've always wanted from a lender: Fully qualified loan choices – not prequals. Less back and forth with your AE. Instant pricing with rates and YSP. Fully priced loan Approvals – not just prequal price opinions. No funny business. No empty pricing promise from a prequal. Just real loans!

Click "Submit" once – view multiple Loans. What is Loan Choices™:

Accurate YSP & rates

Predicted 1st & 2nd combo's*

Borrower payment display


Instant rate locks

1st liens displayed



Instant relocks

2nd lien displayed*

Compare No MI with MI products*


Instant lock extensions

Gov loans displayed

Best loans sorted to the top


Switch loan programs easily

DU & LP loans

No Blind Refers


Immediate AUS submission

DMC Portfolio loans

Lightning speed

The ABC's of Mortgage Lending. Three Simple Steps.
You will be delighted to see how DirectWare Loan Choices™” will enhance your origination business. It will literally allow you to funnel new file submissions into three simple steps:

A. Select a Loan   B. View Completion Status  C.Schedule Closing

A: Select a Loan Program – Your complete loan application is run through our own AUS, DU, and as needed, LP, resulting in loan choices with the most relevant and best priced loan products sorted to the top! We even run your scenario using predictive analytics to recommend loan programs you might not have thought of!

B: Upload Images – Know exactly what conditions are needed. You can upload them yourself or Direct Mortgage can process the file you. Instant notifications alert you as your loan progresses to closing & funding

C: Submit to Underwriting – Another loan quickly funded by DMC!

Instead of spending hours and hours manually pricing out your borrower’s scenario, or using 6 different lenders’ pricing engines only to find out the rates are not competitive, or the loan program doesn’t work, or not finding a program to fit at all, simply spend a few moments with DirectWare® Loan Choices™ to give you the edge you need to seal the deal with your borrowers.

Simply upload a fully completed loan application and complete the submission wizard, and you'll be presented with your loan choices. If for any reason your loan application is incomplete, the wizard prompts you for any needed items. We even run your scenario using predictive analytics to recommend loan programs you might not have thought of!

See an example in the graphic below:

Loan Choices screenshot

Much more than just an automated underwriting and loan execution system, DirectWare includes our powerful processing and closing engine where we can order a variety of services on your behalf - services such as the appraisal, credit report, and employment verification. This saves you time.

Shopping Cart with Products

Additionally, our underwriting checklist allows you to view in real time the status of conditions and to communicate with underwriters.

List of Conditions

Register Now for Loan Choices™ training. See how Loan Choices™ can simplify your job and give you the benefits listed above!

* No Charge for DU or LP Runs as long as you have an acceptable pull through percentage of funding loans with Direct Mortgage. 2nd liens and combos shown when 2nd lien programs are available. No-MI products shown when available.

Ready to Save Time and Earn More Money?

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