Non-Conforming/Conventional (The 6115 Loan Program)
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  General Guidelines
  Max LTV 90% (full doc), 80% (stated doc)
Declining markets - Max LTV/CLTV 85%
Min FICO® 620 (full doc), 740 (stated doc)
Max Loan $2,000,000
PUDs, Condo, 1-4 units
Fixed & ARM
  Stated income loans require 30% of loan amount in reserves
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  Rate & Price Comparisons*
6.25% Rate
Pays (0.248)%

740 FICO
80% LTV
Full Doc
Primary Residence

  7.625% Rate
Charges 0.719%

740 FICO
80% LTV
Stated Doc
Primary Residence
30 Yr Fixed
  7.0% Rate
Pays (0.1790)%

740 FICO
80% LTV
Full Doc
Primary Residence
30 Yr Fixed
*Scenarios based on Utah Property and 29 Jan 2008 rates. Your scenarios may vary from these examples. 

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  OO=Owner Occupied
  NOO=Non Owner Occupied
  2nd=2nd Home
  IO=Interest Only
  DTI=Debt To Income
YSP=Yield Spread Premium
LTV=Loan to Value
CLTV=Combine Loan to Value
ARM=Adjustable Rate Mortgage
FHA=Federal Housing Administration
LIBOR=London Interbank Offered Rate
HUD=Housing & Urban Development, Dept of
FICO® score=Fair Isaac Corporation score or Beacon® score
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