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Electronic Signature Process at Direct

Another exciting innovation at Direct Mortgage is the electronic signature process that will allow the broker and your borrower to electronically sign initial disclosures.

Signing is over the Internet, and may take place at the broker's office or in another location such as the borrower's home. Each person signing will need to answer some questions in order to validate their identity. You will be able to track the e-Signature process through our DirectWare software.

Initiating the e-Sign Process
Signing Docs
After Signing

Initiating the e-Sign Process
  1. The loan officer begins the e-Sign process by clicking on "eSign Borrower Disclosures " located in the left-side menu under "More Tools".

    eSign Borrower Disclosures

  2. Verify that the borrower(s) emails are correct. If they aren't, then enter the correct email address. Blank email addresses are not allowed.

    Verify Email addresses

  3. Click "Send e-Signature Request". This will send the emails necessary to continue the eSignature process.

    Verify Email addresses

  4. You will see a confimation screen. By refreshing it (press the F5 function key) you will be able to see when the eSign Invitation emails have been sent.

    eSignature Confirmation

  5. A validation email will be sent to any email addess that has not yet been validated through our system. To validate the email address, all the borrower or loan officer has to do is reply to the email. Once the email address is validated, the user will be sent a link to the eSignature Wizard along with the PIN required to access the Wizard.
Signing Docs
  1. Click on the link in the eSign Invitation email.
  2. The eSignature Wizard will open. Enter the PIN that was received in the email and click the "GO" button.

    Enter PIN number and click "GO"

  3. Click the "Begin Questions" button to view a few questions that will authenticate your identity. Answer the questions.

  4. The borrowers will be asked to review their contact information. This will allow us to keep them informed throughout the loan process. Please update or add all applicable information in this screen. Loan officers are not asked to update contact information at this point.
  5. Choose which signature style you want.

    Select Signature Style

  6. Mark the checkbox next to "Adopt this Signature as my signature" and click the "Next" button.

    Adopt Signature

  7. The e-Signature package will open. Thumbnail images of the various pages will appear in a pane on the left. The pane on the right shows a view of the selected page. The green checkmark will appear on a thumbnail once the page has been properly signed.

    e-Signature Package

  8. For pages that need to be signed, simply click on the red rectangle that says, "Sign". Upon clicking, your electronic signature will be inserted and you will automatically be taken to the next page; or if you need to provide multiple signatures on the same page, you will be taken to the next signature area on that page.

    Sign on the Red Rectangle

  9. You can use the thumbnails in the left pane to navigate. Alternatively, you can click the blue buttons that say "Next Page" and "Next Signature Area".

    Navigation - Thumb Nails & Buttons

  10. You will be able to answer questions or select opt-out boxes in the forms.

After Signing
  • Once signing is complete, an email will be sent to the signer with a PDF version of the disclosures attached. The signed disclosures can also be downloaded as PDFs from the Scanned Images section of DirectWare.
You can track the e-Sign process.
  1. Click on "Track eSignatures" located in the left-side menu under "More Tools".

    Track eSignatures

  2. The Status window will open. You will be able to see the current status of the e-Sign process, when the email request was sent and opened, when the e-Sign package was opened and signed, when the entire process was completed, and when the email notifying the borrower of completion was opened.

    eSignature tracking form 

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